I think I am officially old

I have taken to waking up at odd hours. It started a couple of weeks ago when I awakened to the pitch black of night, wide awake. I looked at my watch and it said 4 AM. Try as I might, I could not get back to sleep, so I got up, made some tea and sat in the recliner pondering the state of my life and the state of the world and other things. Things like “what the heck am I doing wide awake at 4 AM??”

I figured it was an anomaly (I wanted to use a different word here, but it wouldn’t come out of my brain ) . But no, the next night, same thing. I wake up, look at my watch, 4 AM , wide awake. Nobody wakes up that early unless they are a baby wanting the boob, or an old person. At least they don’t wake up wide awake and ready to go.

This went on for several days until last night. Last night I wake up, wide awake, look at my watch. It is 2 AM. WHAT??? I can live with the 4 AM rising time, 2 AM is a bit much. By the time the sun rises, I am ready to go back to bed. But if I do that, I won’t be able to get to sleep when normal bedtime arrives.

Normal bedtime used to be 11 PM. I would wake up at 7 AM. The last couple of years, bedtime seems to be earlier and earlier. Going from 11 PM, to 10 PM, and finally to 9 PM. But I would wake up at 6 AM which is quite acceptable. It gives me time to sit in the semi-darkness until the sun comes up.

I’ve noticed lately that I “want” to go to bed at 8 PM and sometimes even earlier. But I know that is way too early. If I go to bed that early, I might wake up at 4 AM. Hmmm, wait, I might as well go to bed at 8 PM because I am already waking up at 4 AM.

I used to laugh about my mother and father in law going to bed before sundown. Now I see why. They must have started waking up at 4 AM…

There are other reasons why I am officially old, but I will save that for another time here on my once in a blue moon blog.

In other news, something else is official. I’ve seen arguments lately about whether the moon is big ball in the sky or a flat light disk. But I watch the moon everytime it is full and I have photographed it many times. And I officially proclaim that the moon is just a big moldy orange!


back home again

One thing i learned on this road trip is you can’t run away from the crap in your world.

Got back home and decided to shut my phone off because I don’t feel like dealing with everyone’s drama. I don’t make my own drama, I live a peaceful life and keep to myself. I wish I could move to a place in the middle of nowhere without cell service or internet. But not sure that place exists anymore.

On the bright side, the kids who moved back home are doing well. He starts his job with NASA on the 15th of this month and then they will be looking for a house of their own. They are not part of the latest drama. These are some great “kids” and wonderful parents. It did me good to see their smiles when I got back home.

That’s all I’ve got right now. I know, BORING. But such is life and I like it that way.

On the road again

Now the years have blown by me like the wind through the pines
But the song of the south is ever sweet as homemade wine
Oh, how I miss those mountains when the laurels are in bloom

I will be there soon ❤