January 22, 2020

I think I am just going to miss posting today. I’m tired.

Goodnight 😉

January 21, 2020

I got caught up watching, well actually listening to the stupid impeachment trial and forgot to write today.

I was thinking of some things this morning to write about but now they are all gone, out of my head, leaked through the holes in my mind or something like that.

This writing everyday…

Oh well, I am the one who decided to challenge myself so here I am.

Yesterday I was talking about how there is not much to do in this town. Now don’t get me wrong. There is the beach and there are lots of parks to hang out at if you like nature. That is all I really need. There aren’t too many stores to shop in, unless you like Wallyworld or Target . There are a few others, but those are the two bigger ones. I hate shopping so it doesn’t matter to me, but most women love to shop. There is an antique store here that has antiques and various vintage things. That store is full of old things. Anything you can think of. I love browsing through that store. It has all these little rooms with all this stuff, stuff, stuff. I found an old toy truck for my grandson which he really likes. And I buy old people there. Yes, old people. But that is for another post.

The one thing in this town that draws people from all over the world actually are the rocket launches. Most of those people are tourists from other countries that are in Orlando for the theme parks. Why people pay all that money for theme parks is beyond me. I hate theme parks. Disney, Universal, all of them. Just money suckers where you stand in line for hours for a one minute ride. Nope, not for me.

But back to the rockets. The other day, SpaceX launched a rocket and then after 90 seconds they deliberately blew it up. And then the capsule which is a test for manned flights came back down into the ocean. I got to see the rocket from my front yard as it went up, and then I got to see it explode. How cool is that?? So yeah, we don’t have much to do, but we do have rockets and not many people can say that.

And that is that for today.

Much Love,


January 20, 2020

A few posts back I was talking about how fast January was going. But here it is, only January 20th which means I have 11 more days to go which means 11 more posts to make just to get through January! 😳 I hope I can come up with enough blather for 11 more posts. Because, if you recall, I so stupidly made that New Year’s resolution to post everyday. And I probably shouldn’t remind you, but my resolution was to post EVERYDAY, as in 366 days of 2020. Yes, stupid me decides to try to post everyday in a leap year. Gah, I am having trouble getting through January…

I live in a medium sized town but there isn’t a lot going on here. Not much to do in this particular town unless you like car washes and storage units. The city puts out this newsletter called “Titusville Talking Points”. It’s supposed to keep everyone informed about all the new businesses that are coming to town, how far along the building process is and when to expect the grand opening. They put this newletter out every quarter. And I kid you not (well maybe I exaggerate — I had to look up how to spell that by the way) .

Anywho, I kid you not (with some slight exaggeration), but every single quarter it seems they are bragging about another new car wash that has been built. I mean there should not be a dirty car in this whole town with all the car washes we have. I still wash my own car though. I don’t trust those car washes for a lot of reasons.

First of all, they steal your money. They give you all these options, like Basic car wash, Car wash plus wax, Super Duper Deeeeeeeluxe car wash.

Well I use to use the car wash right next to the Lowes store here. I mean once I got over my fear of not being able to drive between those two guide bars or whatever ya call them. The first time I went in one, I drove too far and some loud alarm thingy goes off and scares the crap out of me. And there is this blinking sign that it took me a minute to see because I was so scared from the loud noise, thinking I had run over some attendant or something. 😁 The lighted sign says “back up”. OH, they want me to back up and run over the guy again???? 😨 But of course, it was just telling me I had gone too far. So anyway, I mastered the art of driving to just the right spot to keep from setting off the alarm. Since I was used to that car wash, that is the one I used .

But the day came when it started stealing my money. I always chose Super Duper Deeeeeeeluxe car wash (That’s the one where they use all those multi-colored foams on your car and rinse it three time and put more colored foam and rinse it, then put this other stuff on and then blow dries your car. It’s really super duper deeeeluxe.)

It did a great job, till one day it didn’t. I chose that option, and all it did was wash and rinse my car. No super duper anything. Just basic.

Well I chalked that up to maybe this is a one time glitch. But the next two times I went it did the same thing. And you know, there is never an attendant around when something like that happens. I think they know when it is not working so they go behind the old warehouse and smoke pot or something and laugh at people who pay for Super Duper Deeeeeeeeluxe and get Basic. So I quit going there. That was back in the day before we had 46 car washes in town.

There was another car wash at the Exxon station. If you bought a certain amount of gas, you got a free car wash. So one day I was with my then teenage daughter. She is now 28 so this was years ago. I got some gas, and they gave me a code to get a free car wash. I punch in the code and pull my car up and it starts squirting all these different colored foams on to my car. I thought “hmmm, this is cool, I am getting the Super Duper Deeeeeeeluxe car wash for free. So there I sit, with multi-colored foam all over my car waiting for phase two. But…..no phase two. The car wash chose that moment to break down. I look at my daughter , she looks at me, and I said “I think it broke down”. She is like “what are we gonna do?” I said, “well, maybe they have a water hose here”. But NO, no water hose. Nothing, nada.

I told her we would just have to drive home with the foam all over our car. She is like “MOMMMM, that will be embarrassing! I’m like “Well I don’t know what else to do” and I take off down the street, heading toward my house which was about 2 miles away. Now remember, she is a teenager, she is embarrassed as heck, and she slinks down in her seat so no one can see her. I mean God forbid one of her friends sees her riding with her mom in a car covered in multi-colored foam. I just start laughing and I tell her we are almost home. No one is paying any attention to us and you aren’t going to see any of your friends and even if you do, there is foam covering the windows. (I did use the wipers to clear the windshield of course).

So here I am laughing and she is slunk down in the seat and she says “Mom, this looks like we got sprayed by a sperm whale!! This is so embarrassing ) She always came up with silly things like that . Well that did it. I start laughing so hard I can barely see to drive. We made it home and my neighbor is out in his driveway and he starts laughing. He asked me what happened. My daughter gets out of the car and won’t even look at him. I just start laughing again and tell him “it was a giant sperm whale” .

So yeah, I don’t use any of these car washes in town. But someone must, because they keep on building them.

I had a bunch of other things to say, but this is long and people don’t read long posts so

Goodnight and much love,


January 19,2020

Again, for some odd reason, I wanted to put the wrong year up there on the title. The last time I almost put 2012 which at least has two 2’s. But tonight I almost put the year as 1955 😵😳🙄. Good grief, I wasn’t even born in January of 1955. I was still at that stage where I could be legally aborted, if abortion had been legal back then. Well that is an awful thought…

I am so excited for the weather this week. It is going to get cooler with a couple of nights going down into the low 40’s. I guarantee you I will be out in short sleeves that morning because that temperature is so invigorating to me. Not so these “Florida” people. I will probably see someone walking down the street in a parka! I kid you not. The last time it got down into the 40’s there was a woman walking down the street behind my house actually wearing a parka. She had boots on too because yeah right, it is going to snow in Florida??? Well on a rare occasion it does snow in north Florida, but I am in the humid sub-tropical zone , one step away from tropical. Actually most of Florida is, but I knew north Florida gets some very cold temps from time to time.

So all you people in the frozen tundra and other places where you can actually get frostbite in the winter, would probably love to have temps in the 40’s about now. But hey, this will be my little taste of Florida “winter” and I intend to enjoy it because it won’t last.

And take heart my frozen northern neighbors. Spring is just around the corner!

I don’t know if that picture is exactly right as of today, but hey, it is close enough.

Have a great week my dears.

Much love,


January 18, 2020

I’m late posting again. I just can’t seem to find a minute to do it in the morning, but oh well, at least I am here.

I spent most of the day with my little granddaughter who is 8 years old. This is the first time in a long time that I had just this one grandchild here, so it was nice. We got to do things together without the little grandson wanting to play boy stuff!

She wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to get art stuff even though she has tons of art stuff here. Well I love Hobby Lobby so I didn’t really argue. I realized I will never be able to stop working as long as my grandchildren are kids because I don’t know how to say no to them. She decided she wanted to paint a tshirt. I thought that would be a great idea, something to keep her busy.

So we are moseying through the store and I get a tshirt for her to paint. Not bad, only three bucks and some change. Then we get the paint. It’s a spray on paint for fabric. It comes in a set of several colors. Then she saw these iron on patches that she wanted, two of them. I’m like “okay, but be mindful of the cost, be a good shopper”. I thought we were done then, but she says “Nana, can I get some letters to put on the shirt?” I’m thinking “hmmm, this three dollar shirt is suddenly looking mighty pricey!”

But me, being me, who can’t say no to her grands, says “Okay, but that will have to be it. So she picks out nine iron on letters. I look at the price. Eighty nine cents……. A PIECE!

Well I let her get them, but I told her that was gonna have to be it. That her shirt would be too cluttered if she put anything else on it.

Anyway, here is her creation. FYI she is into those online games with her friends and she loves foxes, thus the theme of the shirt.

And that is it for now. I ended up spending almost 40 bucks, but I did get two flower pots, cheap ones, for myself.

Yep, I ain’t gonna be able to retire!

Have a nice rest of the weekend my dears.

Much Love ❤


January 17, 2020

More than halfway through the month already. January is going by quickly except for one aspect — this posting everyday thing I forced upon myself. In that respect, it is dragging!!

Oh well, I am determined to post everyday (in January lol). After that, we shall see.

So, living in Florida you get used to lizards. They are everywhere. I step out on to my back porch and they go scurrying away. Some of them seem not as skittish and they will climb up on the chair you are sitting on. They are all over the grandkids’ swings and the slide. The kids are pretty used to them too. They chase them around and try to catch them and when they do the lizard will bite, but it doesn’t hurt and the kids just laugh at them.

Sometimes these little critters will jump on you, or fall from a tree and land on you. Well that always causes me to jump but after all these years, I have learned to keep an eye out for them so it doesn’t happen to me very often.

These lizards even come in the house when they find a chance. Don’t leave a door open for more than a few seconds because they are fast and they will scurry in behind you and you never see them. Well, not until you are sitting down reading, or watching a movie or something. Then you will see one on the wall, or running across the floor or trying to figure out how to get out through the window.

I don’t even bother trying to catch them anymore to take them out. They find their way eventually. And when they don’t , you find them dried out dead under the sofa, or various other places. They don’t seem to stink either LOLOL. They really don’t even decay, they just become mummy lizards.

Anyway, as I said, I barely notice them anymore and it doesn’t bother me if I see one or two in the house. I go about my business, they go about theres. They are just indoor pets like a dog, or a cat, with so much less maintenance.

The lizards I am talking about are called “anoles”. When I first moved here, all I saw were the green anoles.

Helllloooo there!

A few years back, I stopped seeing the green ones and started seeing the brown ones. I couldn’t figure out why there were no more green ones. Well someone told me that the brown anoles would eat the green anoles, so now that brown ones took over. This past year I started seeing the green ones and the brown ones.

So, again, I am used to the anoles. They don’t bother me one bit but I do have a rule. No climbing into bed with me!

Last night my daughter, her husband, and my grandson were leaving to go over to his parents house. It was already dark so I turned on the porch light for them and walked out on to the front porch. I happened to look up on the ceiling of the covered front porch and saw the creepiest ugliest thing in the world. I said “ewww what IS that??” My daughter just laughed and said “that’s a gecko, we used to see them all the time when we were stationed in Georgia”. Now when I think of geckos, I think of the little Geico gecko on the commercial. He is a cute little thing. If I saw him, I would say “aww c’mere you cutie”.

Geico Gecko

Well let me tell you, that thing I saw last night was NOT a cutie. He was creepy. He wasn’t green. This is what he looked like. I tried to get a picture but by the time I went to get my camera, he had run off, so I stole one from the Twilight Zone.

Now tell me this isn’t the creepiest thing you have ever seen. I had no idea there were pink geckos. I thought they were green, but sure enough, I look it up and there are pink ones— the stuff of nightmares. And to make it worse, while I was looking at that creepy thing praying to the Almighty that it would not run into my house, I notice four more of them all hanging around on the ceiling!!! FOUR!!! I’m telling you, it has to be some kind of plague!! Now I know how those Egyptians felt!

Hellloooo Lia, I’m coming to get you!!

Oh Liaaaaa, can I sleep in your bed tonight?

The more I think about it, I NEVER saw one of these creatures until last night. Never before my kids moved down from Georgia! I think this is one of those secret military experiments and they sent my son-in-law down here with a few to terrorize the crazy people of Florida. 😱😶

So that’s it for tonight.

Much Love,

Lia the Lizard Lady 😀

January 16, 2020

What a great day to wash windows in my Florida room 😁

I get the perfect view of the “hardhats” without looking like some creeper looking out the window at them. Yes, I think it will take awhile to get all these 14 windows finished! Ooops they just cut my power off LOLOL.

So that was fun. I got to watch these fine fella’s while my power was off on one of the hottest days so far this winter!!

And I see I was not meant to post early in the day because everytime I try, something happens.

Now I am off to eat lunch.

Bye bye 🙂