Stuff again

I just typed a whole post and somehow deleted it like an idiot. I give up.

I am thinking it is time for my blogging days to end. They probably won’t, but they should since it seems I have managed to piss off two of my readers in a matter of a couple of weeks. I really don’t ever go out of my way to offend people. I think if you have known me for any length of time, you know I go out of my way to be nice. You should especially know that if you knew me over in the “asylum” because that place was a hell hole to write at and so many angry people over there.

Anyway, if I offend you or you or you in anyway, rest assured it is not personal. I have opinions and once in a blue moon I express them.

I am having new vinyl plank flooring put down in my kitchen and it is ordered and delivered. After I ordered it, I decided I should paint the kitchen first because it doesn’t matter how careful I am, I always get paint in places I should not get paint. I could have six layers of drop cloth down and still manage to get paint on the floor and I really do not want paint on my new floor.

I went into a whole explanation of the painting etc, but since I accidently deleted the post before I could publish it, I am not going to type all that out. I’m just too lazy at the moment. Anyway, I started painting on a Friday a couple of weeks ago. I was on a roll, so that Saturday I went to work in the morning and then came home and decided I would finish it up, or get close to it. But the gods or the devils had other plans for me and I ended up pulling a muscle in my arm and I had no range of motion for a few says, at least not enough to paint. I hate when I get interrupted when I am on a roll. My arm felt better today so I got back in there to try to knock it out, but I still have to pull out the stove and the fridge to paint behind them. I guess I will do that tomorrow.

We have had a sh**load of rain again this week. The outer bands of that storm in the gulf. It’s pretty unusual to for this late in the season, but hurricane season does run until the end of November and this is 2020 so I am not surprised.

That’s all I have for today. I wish I had not accidently or on purpose subconsciouly or something deleted my first post because it was much wordier (yes I said wordier though I don’t know if that is a word) and it had some risque humor in it, but now I am grumpy and have no humor left for now. 😁

I will leave you with this song which popped into my head when I typed November up there.

Much Love,


The world is

A cacophony of voices all speaking at once. All with something to say. But their words are just noise, meaningless and annoying.

Turn it off, tune it out. Bask in the silence and wait for the sound of that still small voice.

There you will find truth, there you will find peace…

Much love,



In (from the archives, one of my favorites)

In the corner you sit

in the dark your heart lives in

raging against the god

you say you don’t believe in

hating the life you

find yourself trapped in

fighting with demons

the ones that you brought in

cursing the people

that you would not let in

while you cling to the darkness

of the pain that is within

your heart in the dark

the dark that it lives in.

Across the room is a door

that is letting the light in

but your bitterness refuses

to let you walk



To Someone I Once (or maybe never) Knew

Through the years I watched you fall in and out.

There was always someone new.

But sometimes someone old.

This became your pattern.

Easy to predict, like day and night.

All I wanted was to catch you as you fell out.

But you kept me at a distance

Afraid to fall into the one thing you could not fall out of.

And so the years have gone by, and I stand at a distance watching as you fall in.

And hoping this time you will finally break the pattern

Because I am no longer strong enough to catch you when you fall.